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QA Technologies We Support

QA Testing Technologies We Support

We assist customers in creating software testing teams and provide staff augmentation services. Integration QAs may be required by some financial clients, whereas web QAs may be required by others in the ecommerce industry. A collection of our major QA technological competencies is provided to showcase some of the major QA testing technologies we can support. The following is not a complete list of the testing technologies we support. In spite of not being an exclusive list, it illustrates our ability to support a wide range of projects for our clients.

Our QA Engineers have experience in the following Testing Technologies: 

QA Automation

Automation QA

A QA Automation Engineer develops and maintains automated test scripts and frameworks, utilizing specialized tools and programming languages, to increase testing efficiency, speed up the testing process, and enhance the overall quality of the software.

Integration QA

Integration QA

Integration QA: An Integration QA professional focuses on testing the seamless integration of different software components and systems, ensuring that they work harmoniously together to deliver a reliable and cohesive product to their company.

Manual QA

Manual QA

A Manual QA specialist performs thorough testing of software applications by following predefined test cases and scenarios, verifying that the product meets the required specifications and standards, and contributing to the overall quality assurance efforts of their company.

Web QA

Web QA

A Web QA expert specializes in testing web-based applications, ensuring that they function correctly across different browsers, devices, and platforms, and delivering a smooth and user-friendly experience for their company’s website visitors and users.

Didn’t find the test Technology you need here?

Let us know the testing technology or specialty you need, and we will let you know if we have Engineers that have experience in it. Many newer technologies may not be listed here yet, but we will support them.

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